Eating Peace with Grace Bell


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This Eating Peace Presentation with Grace Will Show You:

Breaking the spells of eating battles: where do we begin? 

Guilt, secrecy and shame are lighter fuel for compulsion.  We begin with breaking the Shame Spell

Questioning three stories using the power of self-inquiry: Are you sure what you believe is true?

Let's do The Work of Byron Katie

The merry-go-round spell of being 'in-control' then 

Investigating what's available for you without force, rules, compliance or rebellion

Grace works with people wanting to address their anxiety, compulsions, despair or anger. Because of her own years of suffering around eating compulsions and the freedom she eventually found, Grace began offering the Eating Peace Process in 2015 after being in private practice for many years as a Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. 
She's also held a full one-year program since 2011 called Year of Inquiry for everyone wanting freedom from believing stressful memories, thoughts and "spells". For more information about Grace please see or or Grace's youtube channel eating peace. 

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