WELCOME FRIENDS, SEEKERS OF EATING PEACE, PEACEFUL EATERS. Yes, you are a peaceful eater. You have peace within, and we’re going to tap it and allow it to grow.

This is a process of uncovering what’s not working, inquiring, and opening up to being with food, eating, and your body with freedom and love. Not with agony and imprisonment.


  1. Download and/or mark on your calendar the dates of our live calls: these calls will include checking in, Q&A and inquiry using The Work. Our schedule is EPP Module Release and Call Schedule 
  2. Please fill out the survey for partner pairing in the program to facilitate each other in The Work and share support. Partnering is optional, but fill it out even if you think you might be interested in partnering. You will not be paired with anyone until the 3rd week of May, and you’ll get to opt in or opt out at that time. You will have one partner for approximately 4 weeks, then switch, then switch a 3rd time. (mid May-mid June, mid June-mid July, mid July-mid August). Fill out the survey HERE.
  3. Join the private facebook group for people enrolled in this Eating Peace Process. This is the first time we’ve ever had a private facebook group, and I’ll be doing LIVE calls there every Monday during our Eating Peace Process. The one required piece of technology since this is both SECRET and PRIVATE inside the facebook platform is that you “like” my Work With Grace Facebook page. This is so they can connect you as an individual account without needing any other link or “friending”.
  4. Watch the ORIENTATION videos right below.
  5. After you watch the Orientation videos, head to the next tab below this one and begin the FOUNDATIONS Module.

ORIENTATION 1: the meaning of process

ORIENTATION 2: Shame, guilt and inner violence

ORIENTATION 3: slow, steady, delicate, gentle

ORIENTATION 4: our orientation to the past

Every time there’s a new recording or presentation, it will be added shortly after it is released (within hours after the event is completed if it’s live).

Please do not share your password with anyone to keep the sacred privacy and confidentiality of our work.

There is a full menu to the right of this Eating Peace Process WELCOME menu tab. These won’t have material in them until they are released (every two weeks). By the end of our time together, you’ll have everything visible and you can come back to it again and again as needed.

CALLS: As we move through the program together, you’ll see all the live recordings added to the last tab  right underneath the FOUNDATIONS page titled Call Recordings. Both zoom and telesessions will be saved in Call Recordings.

I wish you all the best in your journey and I’m so very happy you’re here, and as always if you have important questions, concerns, or feedback please write grace@workwithgrace.com.