Do you wish you did MORE? Do you think you HAVE TO?

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Have you ever run around cleaning everything in your house because someone texted they’ll be knocking on your door in five minutes (someone like your mother, perhaps)?

You have to make it perfect. You have to make it look right. They have to see you as organized, clean, tidy, a good hostess. You have to work. You have to do laundry. You have to clean the bathroom. You have to mow the lawn. You have to weed the garden.

You have to.

If you don’t finish it…if you don’t at least put in a very good effort and get MOST of the job done (see list in head) then you’re a failure.

Is that true?

“Have to” is a push, a demand, a command, an order. And what do we do with someone who is extremely controlling and bossy?

We rebel, or ditch them.

And if WE are the dictator….then you may very well EAT.

Who wouldn’t want to escape from that voice?

Who would you be without that thought you HAVE TO?

Perhaps a normal, mediocre, addiction-free, relaxed person enjoying this moment in life…not trying to get to the moment when everything’s done and clean and the list is checked off.

Instead, just here now. Unfinished. But absolutely fine, just as we are. Ahhh……

Much love,


2 Replies to “Do you wish you did MORE? Do you think you HAVE TO?”

  1. I’m a teacher, and the school year is about to begin. This message was a laser that found the exact place of my anxiety. So very grateful for your words <3

    1. So glad, and I love you’ve brought it back to me as I myself can pause, take in the inquiry to this as well (prepping also for programs that start in the fall). THANK YOU! –Much love, Grace

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