Solo Sessions

Solo sessions are the best possible way to focus deeply and profoundly on your own personal process, clearly see what you’re actually believing, and be guided through inquiry without missing one single step.

I can show you how I’ve done it myself and am privileged to be your guide. I’ve done The Work on divorce, cancer, addiction, abandonment, physical pain, eating, parenting, and mental agony and depression.

When you’re ready to schedule with me, send me an email to so we can find a mutual time, for the level of hours you’re looking for. You are welcome to submit payment any time up until the beginning of the live session we have together–some people like to pay right way by clicking the BUY button, some people prefer to wait until the day we meet. Both work perfectly.

Here are a few options for this work. You pick what feels right for you:

  • Three hour one-on-one mini retreat doing The Work. You come to my home OR we meet via  skype or phone and we do The Work, take a short break, and discuss the ideas, insights, possibilities or questions you have from there. The fee for this personal mini retreat is $225. If you’d prefer to spread these 3-hours a few days apart, that’s OK. See what’s right for you and email me your thoughts.
  • I travel to your home or location within 20 miles to bring you a three hour mini retreat $385
  • Two hour session, via phone, skype or in-person $175
  • One hour in-person session at Goldilocks Cottage $125
  • One hour phone or skype session $125
  • Please ask me about sliding scale if you need it, or working at a discounted fee for multiple ongoing sessions. Sometimes health insurance will pay half my fee as an outside-of-network provider. I am also open to discounts for multiple sessions over time.

Group Packages:

  • Small group, organization, or business training bringing the powerful process of The Work to enhance and improve group dynamics, team connection, or a sense of authenticity in a community forum. Three hours $2000 will include all materials for participants and 3 CEUs for mental health professionals (if applicable).
  • One day workshop for teams, groups, departments….any size. When any group of people collect together to create anything and manage projects or implement ideas, one of the most powerful things they can all do to create success is to learn and practice The Work. Mindful self-inquiry helps people communicate constructively, greatly reduce stress, and provides a brilliant forum for addressing stuck points in groups. 8 hours (with lunch break) includes all materials and handouts. $5000.

If you need to send a check, you can drop it in the mail to: Grace Bell, 17102 Brentwood Place NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155.

If you really need to try this out and find it impossible to pay the normal fee, please contact me about applying for a partial scholarship session.

I am also on the Help Line for no charge as part of my volunteer service. See the Help Line service schedule here at Byron Katie’s Institute for The Work: Click HERE for Help Line schedule for all volunteers.

Where to begin? Here are some questions and ideas to help you get clear:

What do you feel most disappointed about…..sad, distressed, annoyed about, angry, confused, terrified, nervous, anxious, or lost about? I am upset because ______. Write a list. This is like the brainstorm of what is wrong in your life, in the world. Allow yourself to write for 15 minutes. Just start writing, don’t edit yourself. It may feel strange to focus on such a negative list, on calling forth judgments, pain, and terrible feelings. Do it anyway. This darkness is what this work shines light on. Instead of tucking it under the floor boards in the basement…we look.

You may notice yourself looking at the list, or being right in the middle of writing the list, and having all kinds of unhappy images. You may think “how will I ever get over all this, work this out, understand this, heal this? This will take forever! Look what a terrible mess this all is!” Don’t worry about that. It’s just another fearful thought…and that kind of thinking can change. The act of “thinking” and judging it isn’t the whole of you.

Your thoughts are not you.