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Find out how to have an easy, kind, natural relationship with eating and your body that doesn’t require discipline, willpower, torturous exercise, or control. Download the Seven Steps to Eating Peace Journey eGuide and get on the mailing list HERE.

Next Immersion Eating Peace retreat:  January 15-20, 2020

  • Wednesday 7:00-9:30 pm
  • Thursday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Friday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm,
  • Saturday 8:30 am – 9:00 pm,
  • Sunday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Monday 9:00 – 11:00 am

Keep reading for more information about this powerful event and how to register if you want to come. Ready to go ahead and sign up? Scroll to bottom. This retreat is limited to a small group of participants.

Eating Peace Retreats earn mental health professionals 33 CEUs in Washington State through WA State Society for Clinical Social Work.

Do you wonder why you eat sometimes….when you know it’s not really what you really want, or later, you’re upset about it because you’re stuffed, exhausted, or disappointed, again?

The urge to reach for food, or eat when not hungry, or think about food obsessively, or create plans to starve oneself or diet are all ways to deal with thoughts and feelings you aren’t comfortable with in the moment you’re thinking and feeling them.

Eating for emotional and psychic reasons seems normal. Food can be comforting, distracting, temporarily satisfying, and even feel like a drug. But it isn’t really any of these things.

You can stop acting on your cravings, understand what you’re thinking and feeling instead. Through pausing to see what you’re thinking and feeling at a deeper level, and inquire and explore yourself….the urge or need to eat dies away.


Warning: this retreat is not about nutrition. It’s about emotions, impulses, cravings, fear, powerlessness and self-criticism. It’s a retreat about noticing, and awareness, and watching thoughts that scream at you to eat, rather than following them like they’re in charge. Even if you’re an expert in diet and exercise….people who come to Eating Peace can learn what’s going on so that they never have to over or under-eat again.

Over thirty years ago at age 18 I had my first binge that felt so awful, where I was so stuffed with food, I forced myself to throw up.

It took a decade to get back to “normal” with no extreme binges, and no bulimic behavior. But I was still constantly anxious or angry about food.

What was too much? What was not enough? Would I ever feel just right? Could I ever accept my body the way it was? Would my cravings ever end? Would I ever NOT feel self-conscious, or like I needed improvement? Could I stop caring about labels, and ingredients in such a debilitating, fearful way…ever? Why did I always look ugly or too heavy to myself in the mirror?

My whole relationship with eating and my body seemed riddled with anxiety, disappointment and fear, and huge frustration.

But when I began to see my experience of eating as a spiritual path….a place inviting me to the deepest healing and awareness….the war was over.

This didn’t happen overnight. But the obsession with eating and not-eating and body image dissolved. My weight no longer yo-yo’s up and down a size, there are no binges, there is no self-starvation, there is no fear of any food.

Eating concerns can dissolve for you, too. I am sure of it.

In the Eating Peace retreat, you can experience a deeper approach to understanding your own behaviors, actions, cravings, and dynamic with food.

In this immersion together, I offer exercises and stories that shifted my way of thinking about food and eating. I give these same experiences to everyone who attends the retreat. You might experience slowing down enough to truly enjoy your food, relax in your body, and get excited about becoming truly intimate with yourself. With deep intimacy and connection, with yourself, there is no need to eat , or to think and feel, in an unbalanced way.

Here are a few of the experiences you’ll encounter in the Eating Peace Retreat with Grace:

  • How to identify what you’re thinking and believing that leads to eating off-balance
  • How to change your mindset, beginning with self-inquiry, to interrupt the cycle of reaching for food, obsessing about food, managing food and eating, or feeling guilty about food, eating or your body.
  • Living a new way, with new thoughts to direct your behaviors (the living turnarounds) and accessing a new feeling of relaxation and awareness when it come to hunger, fullness and your emotions
  • Mindful eating practice
  • Moving meditation – we will visit a moving meditation on Saturday morning (all included in the fee) to practice taking care of your own body, your own movements, in a peaceful joyful way–and to identify your stressful thoughts when they arise
  • Art work- everyone will work with their hands for one important piece of artwork to bring the practice of creativity into your eating peace in a deeply therapeutic way
  • The Work of Byron Katie – our primary way of being with self-inquiry and deep investigation of the patterns we are stuck in, and how to break out of them. We’ll use some important journaling exercises to sink into our personal awareness of what’s going on with eating, food and self-judgment or self-care.
  • A map you can take with you to continue your journey in your daily life after retreat

Will you join me? I can’t wait to spend Thursday evening through Monday morning with you to experience peace with food and eating.

Here’s how the retreat logistics work:

It’s never about the food, but eating shows you you’re believing stressful thoughts.

If you are interested in local accommodations, please write to ask about staying in our Eating Peace retreat location–there will be room for a limited number of people to sleep at the retreat venue. Fee for accommodations are separate from tuition registration. Please let me know if you are willing to share a king sized bed with someone you know (there are two master king bedrooms).

Meals are not included, although we will eat lunch and dinner together every day as an important part of the program. You can bring food to eat, or join in the activity of acquiring your meals during the program.

Bring your own money to buy your meals, or bring your own meals with you. You will not ever be eating in restaurants, we will be eating at the retreat location, together. There is a full kitchen, and space in the fridge for your items. You will be choosing your meals (to-go meals from restaurants are OK) and bringing them back to our location to eat together as an important part of the program.

Retreat location:

Gorgeous private retreat house in Lake Forest Park, Washington (very close to Grace’s cottage). 

NOTE: If you want to repeat Eating Peace Retreat and have attended before, please ask Grace about your special coupon. If you are a Year of Inquiry member and want to join the Eating Peace Retreat, please ask Grace about your special coupon.

Ready to join the retreat?

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With love, Grace