Eating Peace Process

The Eating Peace Process is a way of life focused on one thing only: your peace. We’ve believed our negative, worried, limited thoughts about our bodies, about foods, about eating, about life–often since childhood or teenage years–and these thoughts are very stressful. When you believe a stressful thought, you’re locked in to your suffering, and you lose. Every time. (To read about the Eating Peace Process Program, click here).

And we don’t only believe troubling thoughts about our bodies and about eating. We believe our troubled thinking about other people, our lives, jobs, spouses, children, neighbors, siblings, parents, and what we’re able to be. Often, the thoughts we have about life come first, perhaps before we ever had a compulsive or upsetting thought about food:

  • I can’t succeed
  • they don’t love me
  • I’ve been abandoned
  • she hurt me
  • I can’t handle it
  • life is hard
  • I don’t know what to do
  • I’m ugly and unattractive
  • something terrible is going to happen
  • why bother–all is hopeless here

With looming thoughts in our minds and hearts, as we navigate our lives, we become anxious, suspicious, defensive, fearful, angry, or lonely.

I felt incredibly powerless when I was a teenager. My family moved, I became aware of death and war. I felt the sorrow of life. I felt the awareness of hate and hostility, as well as love, and attraction.

These insights, a sort of end of innocence if you will….just happened to coincide with a driving passion….for thinness. And in direct opposition, a driving passion that seemed almost beyond my control….for eating!

Thus began a battle with food, eating and my body for many years. Never peaceful, never enough, often too much, never just right.

My stressful thinking went like this:

  • I can’t succeed with eating the right amount
  • they don’t love me, and I can get them to be attracted if I’m thin
  • I’ve been abandoned, and I can fill the hole with food
  • I can’t handle hunger, fullness, feelings, or having a body and being seen by others
  • eating normally is hard
  • I don’t know what to eat
  • something terrible is going to happen (and I’ll break my diet, or overeat)
  • none of this matters anyway–I can’t win, I can’t be happy, I may as well enjoy food

What I know now is that anyone can end the fight, struggle, argument or stress involved with eating, food, weight, or exercise….It’s your birthright to live peacefully with the experience and joy of eating, but not so much that it hurts or weighs you down.

If you don’t feel peaceful with eating, then likely somewhere in your life, like me you began to believe your painful thoughts about thinness, fatness, weight, attractiveness, joy, love, foods, and eating.

When you say “I’m too fat” or “I can’t stop” or “there is something wrong with me” the cycle of guilt and self-criticism continues. When you say “I just need to go to the gym” or “I don’t have enough willpower” or you decide to diet, you’re attempting to jump to solutions, and they almost never last or work in any long-term permanent way.

When you eat not because you’re hungry for food, but because you’re hungry for love or safety or happiness, you won’t find it.

There is a way to enter into the experience of peaceful eating, permanently. How do I know?

Because it happened for me.

I was a binge-eater, bulimic for a decade, borderline-anorexic for several years, and constantly tortured by violent thoughts about food, weight, and eating. I weighed too much, yo-yo’d up and down, and hated my body. I felt nervous around large quantities of food. I said things like “I can’t keep x in my house or it will be gone like the wind!!”

But it’s over now. Food can be wherever it is, including covering a huge buffet table in my presence, and it doesn’t scare me or create anger or make me say things like “careful! stay in control!”

That kind of unrest can be over for you, too.

This approach to Eating Peace gathers three vital and important principles together, and lives out of them:

  1. Eating (or any activity and consuming) is a part of the flow of in and out, up and down, of life….and everyone can live eating peacefully with that flow, like the tides going in and out…..everyone. Without any upsetting fluctuation in weight.
  2. Eating, food, and body image has grown to have more importance in your world than it should because of your perceptions and limiting thoughts. You can find out what you need instead of food or eating. You’ll clarify your own eating peace food plan (don’t be scared by the word “plan”, it doesn’t mean diet–-you will decide your own plan). You’ll learn what you need to say “no” to in your life, and most importantly, you’ll question the stressful lies you’ve been believing that drive off-balance eating.
  3. Eating that isn’t peaceful is a deep, internal, often unconscious invitation to growth and expansion in your life, a deep desire to return to balance. Instead of placing focus on your eating and body, you may long for more in other completely different areas of your life. It may not be as difficult as you think. You don’t have to figure out all your feelings, resolve dilemmas, or feel good all the time. (You won’t). But you can stop overeating or eating obsessively or thinking about food or your weight….and bring your focus to where else you don’t feel free, and question your mind.

How do we discover, with awareness, care, attention and unconditional love, how to change our eating for the rest of our lives, so we never feel the need to find a solution again?

The Eating Peace Process approach dives into changing at a profoundly deep level, so you actually become free and find a balanced weight without any dieting. We work in the realm of mindfulness, feelings, questioning our old beliefs, and living in freedom. The online Eating Peace Process is a very thorough, deep dive into learning to live peacefully with food and eating, and our minds and feelings.

To learn all about the next Eating Peace Process Immersion Online, please visit this page HERE.

When we question and alter our beliefs, thoughts, feelings…..then anything can change in the suffering we experience, including the way we eat. You do not have to be controlled, or to follow, the directives of your unquestioned thoughts. You can discover how to do less about food, or anything, and end the cycle. Your life includes joyful, happy, balanced eating because your thoughts are no longer frightened, violent, confused or arguing with reality. And even when you are stressed, or scared….you do not have to turn to thoughts of food to address your troubles.

This course will help ground you in principles of awareness, self-care, expansion, and self-inquiry to point you to true freedom when it comes to food, eating and your body or weight…without forcing the process in a driven way.

In the privacy of your own home or environment, you’ll get to listen and watch a step by step presentation covering the modules, with lessons inside each module I’ve found that include what’s required for genuine long-term transformation with eating. You’ll discover your own way to permanent rest through self-inquiry and a commitment to your peace….not a new diet.

And here’s something awesome about this program: when you register, you’re in for life. This means, next year if you want to review or enter the deep practice of quiet and freedom when it comes to eating (or compulsion with anything) you are welcome to join us. Always.

It is possible to end your obsession and concern with food, forever.

I’m living proof.

No control or rigid plans are necessary. (Although you will learn how to review, refine and clarify your own eating and continue to stick with peace).

I show people how to dive very thoroughly and deeply into their inner life with food–-and their feelings, unconscious fears and needs, and imagined stressful beliefs–-and bring them into light.

Through this awareness, the battle ends, and food is no longer a problem. The result truly is that you question your thinking, and your eating changes.

In this program, you’ll become powerfully aware of your own inner beliefs that drive off-balance eating, mindfulness practices you can begin to use to understand your relationship with eating.

Eating Peace Online Program: Along with the pre-recorded presentations you watch on your own time, each week there are two live sessions for self-inquiry where everyone comes to the call to ask questions, get feedback and do The Work.

To read about the program in it’s entirety when it’s open, or to make sure you’re on the mailing list so you can be alerted when it opens again, please head over to this page HERE.