Mini-Intro Retreats

Introductory retreats or workshops are offered regularly (several times a year) at  locations when people invite a group to join together in learning this material and sharing the magic of The Work of Byron Katie to find freedom from compulsion and suffering  in this unique area: eating, food, body image.

Eating Peace is not a diet, or food plan, or a new way to control what can’t be controlled. It’s opening a door to freedom from worrying, agonizing, fretting or feeling discouraged and angry about food, eating or the body.

I’d love to have you join me in this peace movement around food and eating, and the body.

Several times a year, there are 3 hour workshops at East West Bookshop in Seattle, Washington (Grace’s home town).

In the Introductory workshop, everyone will be introduced to the following principles:

  • three reasons we usually eat off-balance (in other words–not because of hunger),
  • the five most common stressful beliefs we’re running that contribute to emotional eating, and how to question them
  • what you can do immediately to begin to “live your turnarounds” or the opposite of what you thought was true….in a good way

An introductory workshop in Eating Peace: Question Your Thinking, Change Your Eating is easy to arrange. Minimum of 6 people and we can do it in your living room with each person signing up, or you can contribute a flat fee for your group if it’s less than 6.

Write to to ask about an introductory workshop. If you’re far from Seattle and you’d like to have me offer an Eating Peace Immersion Retreat in your area, I love coming to where you are. Let’s heal eating woes, from the inside out. Peace is possible for anyone and everyone!