Eating Peace: Are you using self-abuse and militant control to solve your food problem?

We’ve all done it in order to lose weight, or make some kind of change: Boot Camp, Crack Down, Force, Dictatorship….Violence.

We’ve read 850 books on diets and nutrition. We believe we know what to do.

Maybe there’s something we’ve been missing, though. Something emotional, some beliefs about cravings and food and eating and our bodie, some information and awareness we haven’t been tracking in the mind. 

Every time I applied control and force to myself, they persisted. 

What if your reaction to control and force is actually a voice for integrity? A voice that’s suggesting somewhere very important you need to examine, or understand? 

Who would you be without your story of fear, dread, anger, loneliness, despair? Who would you be without the story that life (including you) can’t be trusted in this moment? Who would you be without a story of out-of-control or must-fix right now?

It doesn’t mean you have to flip to the opposite and become passive, non-active, give up, quit trying.

Curiosity about your cravings might be one of the most interesting, brilliant things you’ve ever done. 

One way you can do it is to pause for 60 seconds.

Write what you are mentally concerned with–whatever’s on your mind. Notice, let it be random, it doesn’t have to make sense logically….it’s giving a craving and an imbalance the life it needs to live to become aware of it clearly, and understand it.

Much love,Grace

P.S. Eating Peace Process, an in-depth program for those of us with eating concerns, will start May 1st. Our focus is ending the repetitive cycle, working with self-inquiry, and finding the dance between what is and what can be, with loving compassion.

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