Eating Peace Members

You’ve learned a lot about eating and you.

You’ve been immersed in the teachings of Eating Peace, whether through the Eating Peace Process Immersion, or your inner examination and wonderings about taking in food and having a body.

Maybe you’ve spent time with the Eating Peace videos with Grace on youtube.

You’ve been on your own journey with eating and discovery….and you’re interested in deep self-inquiry using The Work of Byron Katie to find freedom when it comes to eating.

You’ve come to the right place.

In this monthly membership program….we dial-in together to identify our stressful, stuck, difficult thinking when it comes to LIFE.

This membership program is slated to begin February 2018 after the upcoming Eating Peace Process Immersion, to help support people in their continued journey of healing eating troubles of any kind, by questioning our thoughts with The Work.

We’ll connect live, with two options for inquiry telecalls per week: Tuesday mornings 4 pm Pacific Time and Thursday mornings 8 am Pacific Time. During these calls, we’ll be identifying moments of trouble with eating, food or our bodies, we’ll get clearer about the situation and underlying beliefs, and you’ll have the chance to raise your hand to do The Work.

You’ll also have access to the private secret facebook Eating Peace group for finding facilitation partners in The Work who share the intention to discover how stressful thinking relates to stressful eating, share your written inquiry, and ask for help.

Fee will be $97 per month ongoing–you choose to join, and withdraw any time you’re ready to cancel.

All Eating Peace Process Immersion participants will receive 3 months of membership for no extra fee, through April 30, 2018.

Anyone is welcome who has a sincere desire to identify and question their stressful thinking. It is not necessary to take any other courses first with Grace.

To join the monthly Eating Peace Monthly Membership program, click HERE. You can cancel your subscription at any time.