Eating Peace: No God, No Diet, No Right Way–Standing on Your Own Two Feet With Eating.

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Three lies we believe that keep us obsessing, managing our bodies and avoiding inquiry…instead of eating peace. 
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Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
We’ve believed it about food, eating, ways of eating, right food, wrong food, the size of our thighs, our weight.
The way I’ve eaten is WRONG WRONG WRONG. I have proof. Look at the evidence.
I was soooo “good” for awhile and then I “blew it” and ate through half the junk food in America.

We’ve been talking about shame lately….but it’s such a cycle of doom.

All our fears, dread, trauma, and difficulties appear, and the belief is “I can’t handle it” or “If I have fear, sadness or anger, I’m WRONG” or “I’ve committed a crime” (by what I’ve eaten)….

….and then “I might as well EAT!” (and we stuff ourselves).

And not only did I have judgments about what I was eating, and what really good perfect people eat, but I also had many judgments about emotions, and expressing them.

Having strong emotions them meant I was TOO EMOTIONAL! Something’s wrong with me!

Who would you be without the belief there’s something wrong with you because you’ve experienced compulsive behavior–with food, eating, exercise, following your emotions, or anything? How would you treat food without the belief that if you eat it, you’re wrong? How would you treat yourself?

Without this belief that something’s wrong with me because of how I’m eating, I’m curious.

Without the belief, I’m LESS fixated on food and eating, and more open to what else is going on.

A sudden sense of self-compassion enters my awareness.

Maybe it’s OK not to “know” all the answers when it comes to food, or to focus so acutely on every bite that enters my mouth in such a rigid way.

Turning the thought around: there’s something RIGHT with me because of how I’m eating. And yes, I mean the binge-eating or the junk-food eating or the desperate eating.

What is it expressing? What’s “right” about it?
Now that’s a fascinating and wonderful question.
It helps us be open to understand what’s going on….a first step.
If you’d like to learn more, join me for the webinar I’m offering, coming up 3 times next week (and 3 times the following week as well). Sign up for alerts for the webinars right here.
Eating Peace: Working With The Dread of Eating Wrong...and The Belief
Eating Peace: Working With The Dread of Eating Wrong…and The Belief “I Might As Well Eat!”
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