Feeling powerless? You can access your power….like this.

Thank you all of you who answered the survey questions I sent last week. So, so much.

Now, we’re taking it a level deeper. Another 4 questions.

Even if you’ve never answered a survey, or filled out anything I’ve sent before, I’d love to read your answers to these four questions.

I find communicating and hearing and reading what you deeply have to say about your experience as an eater….can clarify for me and ultimately for all of us our needs, our emotions, our experiences we’re wondering about and wanting to understand when it comes to eating.

Answer the questions here (and yes, if you answered the first survey, this is a new one and I’d love your answers to these questions, too–thank you):

Share with me HERE.

Communicating has a strong energy in it. It’s wondering with words out loud, or in writing. Making contact. Being honest. Telling the truth.

Speaking and clarifying, and telling the truth about our experiences and our perspectives–even if they aren’t necessarily “True” for all time–is so powerful.

Accessing strength, clarity, or power in a really solid, energetic, sharp, beautiful way is sometimes what is called for as we seek peace with eating and compulsive behavior.

The feeling of powerlessness is so harsh and difficult. Sometimes when we feel like there’s no power anywhere in sight, we feel completely resigned and in prison with this eating thing. No way out.

But there is a way out.

We can say “No more!”

We can pause, and not hit the drive-through fast food places, or eat a whole bag of something. We can stop.

There is another way.

Today, I’m sharing a simple way to access power. You can find your own touchstone or inner picture or word or name that helps you notice power.

This is the good kind of power, where you stand up for what feels true for you. Where you can listen, be, and hold your love and integrity clearly.

Much love,


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