Finding your own movement groove–joyfully

I’m still joyfully contemplating the conversation I got to have with Byron Katie about eating, guilt, hopelessness, ice cream, and the changes she herself experienced that were so radical.

If you didn’t see it yet, you can watch it here.

The great questions when it comes to our eating woes usually sound like “what’s wrong with me?” or “why can’t I just stop this obsessing?”

And there are also many more lists of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” that also plague us.
Last weekend, I jumped out of bed on Saturday morning so happy and excited because Saturday mornings I put on a dance with my husband Jon that has become one of the highlights of our week.

We create a huge, eclectic set list 80 minutes long, we rent a dance hall for two hours, we roll in speakers, laptop and sound equipment and hang up fabrics to decorate the space….and we sweat without planning or trying or pushing. Forty to sixty people come every time.

For me, it feels like the thrilling movement like the kind when you’re a child and you spring into the day, leap down the steps, roll down a hill, fly along on your bicycle, or jump for joy.

There is no “should” about exercising. There is no “shouldn’t” about sitting still.

One thing I think that helped me deeply recover at a core level from my eating and body image obsession was to question every rule I ever learned that I had not actually tested out and felt to be true for myself.

One of these rules was most certainly “I should be exercising”. 


My belief, especially as an athlete, was that I should be pounding the pavement at all times and all hours. NEVER LAZE AROUND.

It became very serious, and rule that meant if I exercises, I was “good” and if I didn’t I was “bad”.

Who would you be without that dreadful story?

I noticed I began to love moving in my body again, when I didn’t have a “should” about it. I quit the long runs. I quit doing anything that wasn’t pleasant or fantastic. I tried new forms of movement like aikido, and qigong, yoga and freeform dance.

Do you have stressful beliefs that you “should” be exercising or you “can’t stand” exercising?

Much love,Grace

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