Question the belief: This is Urgent

Reality has some funny plans sometimes…and one thing I know is that arguing with it really doesn’t work well.
So I knew not to believe the thought “this is urgent” the other day when during the live webinar, things went wonky.
Worry, urgency, running away, anxiety, nerves. 
These feelings and images accompanying them used to always lead to eating for me. Really, almost 100% of the time.
Rolling with reality is so much better. Surprisingly, even magnificently better.
So, here’s what happened with the Eating Peace webinar:
Right in the middle of it, construction outside caused all the electric power to blow in my entire home. 
Which means no internet, no computer, no lights…and no more webinar.
(Working at home can have a few drawbacks, but not many. This is pretty unusual. We’re building a small-almost-tiny home in our back yard).
Today, five trucks are parked outside and machines are sounding loud, men are literally calling loudly to one another, so I’m switching the plans here and we won’t be meeting today either.
Instead, we’ll meet for the final time for this free live webinar on this Saturday morning April 27th at 7:30 am PT. This time might work even better for some of you…who knows?
I trust the Way of It now. Even when I don’t….I know what to do. I inquire.
To question worry, nervousness and the horrors in our minds is one of the most profound reliefs I’ve ever experienced.
Questioning this thought that something, anything (including the urge to get that sugary food or take another bite) is an emergency is a huge step in becoming binge-free and obsession-free.
In my video today, I share about how to question this concept (it’s actually the first of the seven stories I suggest questioning in the eating peace webinar): THIS IS URGENT!!
Have you noticed the unrest, the worry, the anxiousness when you have a craving for food? Or the trance you fall into when you eat? Or the images flashing through you of food, weight, self-criticism?
The mind screams “This has to happen NOW! You have to pull it together NOW!” or “You have to eat it NOW!”
Who would you be without that story?
Without my own story of “this webinar has to happen right now, today, since that is when it was scheduled”….I get a new idea to offer it on Saturday morning for the last time.
I’d love to have you join me live if you have special questions about the power of self-inquiry and The Work of Byron Katie when it comes to this whole eating thing, or any questions about the Eating Peace Process (which I’ll share how the program works at the end of the webinar).
The last live webinar will be Saturday, April 27th 7:30 am PT. Set aside 90 minutes. Join me live right here. No opting in required.
And for more about the urgent story and how to question it, no matter what’s bothering you (even very frightening memories, or gigantic cravings to eat) then watch here:

Much love,



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