How do we question thoughts that fuel eating? Like this.

Sometimes we have to improvise or make a small change in order to respond to the way reality and life is flowing.

I just did it this morning.

I made an eating peace video for you on my front porch instead of in my little kitchen inside my cottage, the way I usually do. I’m teaching a four day retreat on The Work of Byron Katie and a lovely group have come from all corners of the US and Canada to sit and question thoughts.

While the focus of this autumn retreat underway right now isn’t specifically about eating (Eating Peace Retreat is Jan 11-15), some of the folks attending can totally relate to food or weight being a problem….and they know questioning stress in their lives can help reduce the compulsion to overeat, or compulsion to over-think really, about food.

What I’m sharing today?

I’m talking about how simple it is to question your stressful thoughts about feeling uncomfortable, feeling fear, feeling powerless.

Except I know, it’s NOT that easy for us sometimes.

We feel really uncomfortable and troubled….but we don’t even know why.

And the next thing we know, we’re eating.

But it may not be as hard as you think to deal with painful and difficult emotions.

Start with only one single situation, one person who hurt you, betrayed you, frightened you. Don’t start with YOU either. We get so tempted to examine and investigate ourselves, but it doesn’t work as well if you do this (so much effort to self-improve).

I always found my discomfort rose out of reactions to other people, worry about how they felt AND about how I felt.

So start there, with someone else who’s had an impact on your life.

Now…I also mention in the video that if all you can think of is a stressful thought about eating, like “I HAVE TO EAT SOMETHING NOW!” then it’s OK to start right there, because it’s so front and center.

You can question any stressful, demanding, frightened thought.

I always use The Work of Byron Katie. The step-by-step process works so beautifully.

You can trust it. Follow the simple directions.

If improvising and making changes in your daily routine causes stress, question the thoughts you have about change.

Who would you be without your troubling story?

Much love,


P.S.  Next week, I’ll be sending out word about how to register for a free webinar: Seven Beliefs to Question, Seven Turnarounds to Live–Using The Work to Return to Sanity and Eating Peace. These will meet November 4, 7 and 9th. Stay tuned. I’ll share about the Eating Peace Process program at the very end of the webinar, for those interested in joining with others to question your thinking when it comes to food, eating, the body, feelings, and life.