Looking at what scares you most, in order to find peace with food, eating and your body

One of the greatest contributors to off-balance food, eating and hating your body is fear.

Not only does everyone feel fear at some points in life, but we also feel afraid of fear!

At least that was the case for me. I felt afraid, and I also felt afraid of feeling afraid.

Good heavens, that’s a hard orientation to have towards fear. I had to run, hide and duck constantly!!

The way I did that of course, was to eat. Secretly, quickly, sneakily. I didn’t eat out in the open (if I did, I was very, very careful).

But my fear itself caused a huge resistance to looking at fears, whether I felt terrified or even only a little nervous.

I wanted to either put my head in the ground like an ostrich and try not to think fearful thoughts OR I wanted to run, eat frantically, and isolate.

I really did not feel anyone would ever understand me or care about me if they really knew me and my fears.

When I felt listened to, accepted and loved anyway, that’s when I began to feel more free with food and eating and my body image. I no longer felt worried about being rejected and cut off, or that love would be withheld from me.

What do you feel afraid of?

I’m reading and listening here.

I’ve created an anonymous survey where you can feel comfortable answering questions around fears and dreams, and inner conflicts. It means so much for me to read what you share.

Your answers contribute to all of us accessing the peace we all crave so deeply, especially around compulsive eating behavior that seems so persistent and crazy and disappointing.

To answer the questions, click HERE. Very grateful for your honesty and sharing.

Much love,