What does an abiding, loving, no-brainer “promise” look like? Not one you could break in 15 mins.

We’ve all said to ourselves: I’m never going to do that again. We make resolutions. We vow. We promise.

I’m never going to smoke again. I’m never going to binge again. I’m never going to drink again. I’m never going to eat “x”¬†again.

Then the following week (or okay, a few hours later) we’re doing it. Again.

Someone asked me recently how you could ever make a single promise and keep it?

While you can never know the future, it made me reflect on when I’ve known a promise was keep-able.

What an interesting question, because a positive, supportive and enduring “promise” is very different than a promise made out of fear, anxiety, desperation or rage.

It’s not a “diet” promise. It’s not a violent promise. It’s not a promise that feels forceful and like imprisonment.

It’s important to give foundation and support to a deep commitment and do it with a mind that’s clear, and a heart that’s understanding.

Much love,