The rules of food and how it becomes a religion. “Eat Your Spinach”.

Have you ever had the thought that you have zero peace when it comes to food? Never a peaceful moment with eating, or your body…..ever?

It’s probably not true, if you really think about it. First of all, there are many minutes in a day when food is in the world, and so are you, and you’re OK–you’re not thinking about food. 

Then there’s night time. You’re sleeping, even though food is in the vicinity, or somewhere close by in the house. 

This doesn’t diminish the experience of terrible stress around food when it’s there. I know it hurts. I know it’s very painful, and full of struggle. 

The thing is, we can take a look at these struggle-filled moments one situation at a time, even if you feel like a whole tsunami of stress is washing over you when it comes to eating or your weight. 

We start with one moment. 

If you’re not sure where to look….you can go back to wondering what you learned about food and eating and body image from the people around you when you were a child. 
I know that’s a big topic all on it’s own. 

But if you sit for just a few minutes and remember, and see the people who influenced you, you’ll find a person to investigate….and everything they modeled for you.
If you’re still not sure, do The Work on your mother. 

Today I share a wonderful moment discovered by someone in the Eating Peace Process Immersion program. She remembered a time sitting at the dinner table with parents and grandparents. 

She was forced to eat what was on her plate. 

This brings to light the idea that there’s a “good” way to eat, and a “bad” way to eat. A “right” way to eat, and a “wrong” way to eat. 

Eating and food becomes a religion. I myself become a good or right person if I eat like x, and I become a bad or wrong person when I eat like y.

We can find these situations of deep influence, and question them! Is what you learned absolutely true? Are you sure? Who would you be without your thought?

Food Religion–let’s question it!

If you’re longing for what it’s like to eat beyond a religion about food, in a place where there’s no right or wrong and peace is the core sense (not chaos) then come join me at the Eating Peace Retreat Jan 9-14, 2019 for five nights/six days of peaceful eating, peaceful thinking. 

Much love, Grace

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