When we turn to the “problem” with kindness and an open mind, what we already know begins to wake up

“All of the sudden, one day you wake up and you say ‘I’m done’….What you already know starts to wake up. What you already know.” ~ Adyashanti
Last Saturday morning I so enjoyed offering the last live Eating Peace webinar on mental beliefs that get in the way of our peace with food, eating or our body image.
Get out a pen and paper and listen to the replay right here.

It means so much to me to receive all the comments and emails about the help given from this webinar to those who are suffering with either a wee bit of food and eating trouble, or a big lot of eating pain.

I shared some of my story on the webinar….but it was brutal.

Almost daily, I experienced agony around eating. I hardly ever had a normal, peaceful meal. I hunted for food, I overate, then under-ate. I binged then purged.

I really needed help. It was a nightmare.

In my history I saw almost twenty therapists if you count them all, I went into a six-week in-patient program for people with disordered eating, I did Course in Miracles, Twelve Steps, Living Binge Free, and quite a few programs for self-improvement like est, TM, a 9-month program called People House and even got a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science to understand the mind and emotions better.

It was a group therapy program that helped most of all.

That was where I found freedom from the more extreme behavior….and then The Work of Byron Katie.

Those two components were what saved my life, literally, from having my head in the toilet forcing myself to vomit, or constantly dieting, or feeling fear in the presence of good foods, or feeling disgust in the presence of mirrors.

Group work and self-inquiry. What a powerful combination.

My mind felt like a very bad neighborhood, and like I just could not find my way out.

My thinking was violent, fearful, dramatic and desperate when it came to my views of the body I lived in, eating, and ultimately relating to the world with a need to eat.

Ugh, that was rough, to say the least.

Now, I’m dedicated to continually looking at mind, thinking, beliefs and how they pile together to form fear and an urge to grab, worry or isolate.

In today’s video I share more about how these both worked, and why.

And meanwhile, if this sounds like an adventure you’d like to take with me and our eating peace group right now….I’d love to have you join me. Our first live call is Thursday, but live calls are only a part of the program.

This program is the only one I offer where there is content material pre-recorded, personal exercises, journaling, meditating, watching video lessons and webinars, and inviting you to follow on your own and do it in a way that works for you.

Most of the work I do with people is live: solo, retreat, and meetings where we all do The Work of Byron Katie. I consider myself having little to teach, but that the true work is about identifying your stressful thoughts, and then applying the four questions and finding turnarounds.

However, in this work, with such desperation, angst, and anger (like I had myself) I began in 2015 to put together offerings around eating and mindset to help people find a second of peace, then another second, then another.

So many people who contacted me to work on eating issues said “I don’t know what I’m thinking!!!! Please help!!! I just FEEL HORRIBLE!!!!”

So I started developing a program they could follow that would help get relaxed enough in the first place to settle into self-inquiry and not panic about the food or weight.

As it turns out, that first program I offered to a lovely group of 14 people. Then, after receiving fantastic feedback, I rewrote it, and I offered it again….then I offered it again after rewriting it again, and then repeated the overhaul yet again and offered it again.

No Eating Peace Process has ever been the same. I keep taking what works, and leaving out what doesn’t.

Eating Peace Process is something I hope you can follow on your own step by step, and also find answers to your questions by being in a group of people who share the same thinking, who have suffered from these thoughts.

These are people who are devoted to finding the truth for themselves through the process of inquiry, slowing down, awareness.

Eating Peace is not a program about dieting or food plans. You can be on any food plan or way-of-eating you want.

This work is about the internal disruption that results in our reaching for food, or resisting food, or hating our bodies.

People who are perfectly normal in weight or even thin, people with athletic bodies, people with twenty pounds to lose, people with a whole lot of weight to lose….all benefit from this mindful work.

It’s about our bodies, but it’s NOT about our bodies. We must start with where we are and what we have, with this body we’re in, and this mind we’re using….

….and begin to treat it with kindness.

In eating peace process, we start with Foundational work to help us commit to a return to kindness, even if it doesn’t feel natural or normal for us.

It is our true nature to be accepting, joyful with food, compassionate with other people and ultimately with ourselves.

How do I know?

Because of how “right” and easy it feels when I’m there.

If you’d like to join me on a group program of sharing, inquiry, learning, and awareness….I’d love to have you in Eating Peace starting this week.

Read about it and sign up here. Everyone who joins has lifetime access. You can join any future live session, you will have updates and new lessons as they get developed and added.

This is a process in motion….always blossoming with what is now and what is next.

Like life.

“We human beings can be addicted to anything. Anything to distract from present pain, discomfort, dissatisfaction, the notion that something is incomplete. There’s a sense of lack, a sense of something’s missing. That’s where it begins. Then our lives become a search for what’s missing…The basic disillusion is that something [food, eating, exercising, getting thin] will complete me and make me whole. It will take away the pain of being human.” ~ Jeff Foster

If you’ve had this experience about food, eating, compulsive eating, emotional eating, a body that isn’t right, cravings that are wrong….

….and you’d like to explore it on a deep internal level (not a technical fix, like a diet)….

….then I’d love to have you join me in the Eating Peace Process. A journey in understanding, and no longer waiting for happiness in the future and such unhappiness with food, eating and your body as it is right now, but instead to explore mind and questioning all the difficult oppositional thoughts we have about eating.

Joy of Inquiry on Eating

“I feel like I could do the work on the exercises and images that came up for the rest of my life. I actually watched it in two sittings, stopping between writing the turn-arounds to the actions that undermine peaceful eating and investigating the worst things. Thank you, thank you.” ~ EPP Participant 2017

A Combo of Gratitude and Fear

“In intending to watch the videos, even now I have the familiar feeling of being sooo scared. I feel tears coming to my eyes. I am so grateful for your work…which has put into words what I am, and what I have experienced. Tears of gratitude for your open and honest sharing.”

The Why Behind Eating

“I have read CBT books and worked with nutritionists but neither of these methods addressed in detail the intense emotions and intricate thought processes that your videos mention – and which resonate with my personal experience. T hank you for trying to help people like myself as we navigate the why behind what is happening.” 

Much love,


Information about the full immersion program is here: Eating Peace Process

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