Do you eat when you’re bored?

It’s coming. The annual Eating Peace Retreat 2019. We begin Weds evening 7 pm on January 9th and end Monday morning 11:00 am on January 14th. If you fly into Seatac, arrive by 4:30pm on Wednesday, and book your flight out Monday 1:00 pm or later.
In many ways moving about as peace is what this whole thing is all about; eating peace, thinking peace, being peace. Even lining things up in a peaceful way when moving the body from here to there to here again.

And one thing that isn’t so peaceful? And often results in eating off-balance?


It’s really thinking. Thinking in a way that feels repetitive, sigh-inducing, restless.
Boring thoughts come down to a basic point: I need something more than what is here. This isn’t good enough. This is pale by comparison (to some past experience). I don’t like this. I want entertainment. 

And a big key to boring thinking: I don’t want to remember the things I’m concerned about. As I mention in today’s video, I once heard “boredom” called Dissociation Lite. 
Why do we dissociate? 

Because we don’t want to look at our environment with open, clear eyes. Sometimes, we’re afraid of the darkness, the emptiness, the space, the memories. 

Maybe we think of the emptiness of unscheduled or unplanned time as haunting, lonely, or sad. 

We say it’s “boring” and we’re off to the snack cupboards.

Who would you be without this thought?

Watch here to get the feel of exploring being with reality when it’s empty….without boredom.

Much love, Grace

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