Eating Peace: Stop Obsessing About Food, Eating or Your Weight Right Now

Anyone who’s eaten off-balance knows what it feels like to be plagued by obsessive thinking about all things related to food, eating or body image.

We have thoughts like:

  • I should quit eating “x” completely (fill in the blank with some kind of food you’ve heard people should stop eating, or food you really like)
  • I’ll go on a diet
  • I need to weigh “x” by graduation, the wedding, the reunion, the summer
  • I can’t stop thinking about the yummy “x” food so I need to go get it
  • those other people look so much better than me
  • I need to worry about what’s going to happen next

These thoughts chatter away in our minds, and get louder and louder until finally, we DO something–we eat, or we go on the diet, or we engage in the rigorous exercise routine.

Have you noticed how this kind of thinking, obsessing, and frantic energy is all in the head, up in the mind–literally located at the top of your body?

So what if we took a moment to do this very surprising exercise to gain awareness of far more than this compulsive mental activity?

Much love,


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