Eating Peace: the voice in your head doesn’t have to run your life

Everyone has voices running in their heads, have you noticed?

Of course, you can really only hear your own. It’s there when no one else is talking or you have a quiet space of time, or you’re all alone.

It sometimes talks as if it’s another person, saying “you should go to that party, you shouldn’t wear that, you should weed your yard…you should eat something!”

So goofy. Who is that?

And when it gets mean, or steers you to something you’d really rather not do….like eat more when you’re full, or eat that thing you know makes you feel sick later….then it’s especially odd.

Do I have a companion in my head that’s not exactly friendly?

Yes, it sure seems so. Not friendly at all. Downright violent and totally destructive sometimes.

The thing is, you don’t have to listen to it.

I know that sounds so mundanely simple, you might be thinking “Doh! Why didn’t I think of that!” because you HAVE listened many times and bumped into that voice over and over, and it’s guided your actions or movements, your thoughts and emotions.

But today, despite it sounding a little too simplistic, I suggest you invite that voice in, and find out what it’s really made of, find out what it has to say, and perhaps why it’s chirping all those suggestions that don’t really serve your best interest.

AND most importantly, treat it like it’s not exactly sane. Don’t listen to it. Who’s in charge anyway? You are. The full and complete you. The one who’s listening.

Much love,