Who would you be without your story that deprivation = success?


It’s something people feel so angry about when they’re dieting, or trying not to eat certain foods.

When we feel deprived in a diet, everything gets lazer-focused on this food we “can’t” have.

If you notice you feel upset about NOT GETTING something you want….

….you might get stuck in a really difficult pattern of grabbing what you want, then avoiding what you want, then condemning yourself for what you want.

You get stuck in using violence and punishment or scarcity to control your mind, eating, and your future.

If you say “no” to something, you’ll really, really be deprived.

Let’s do The Work.

is that true that if you say “no” and you feel and attend only to your body’s signals, you’ll be deprived?

Yes! I want to taste, to enjoy, to consume! I don’t care what my body feels like!

Can you absolutely know it’s true you’ll feel deprived if you say no to eating something, drinking something, doing something?

Hmmmm. No.

How do you react when you believe you’ll experience physical or emotional pain when you say “no”?

Today I share this inquiry in the eating peace video.

Who would you be without this story of suffering?

Notice this moment, now. Today.

Happy New Moment.

What is it like, without considering the future? (Or, the past)?

2 Replies to “Who would you be without your story that deprivation = success?”

  1. Thank you Grace for helping me see how my beliefs around saying no and deprivation are causing my suffering. A big one for me is “if I say no to people in my life I will be deprived of love and acceptance” and “if I say no to sugar I will be deprived of something I love”…great to notice the similarities in both of those statements. I’ve got some great beliefs to question.
    Thank you Grace for sharing your work!

    1. So powerful to notice these two belief patterns about wanting love and acceptance from people, and about the pleasure or experience of loving something (in this case sugar). I find the same worry sometimes in wondering about hearing or saying “no” with people–they will cut off love, or have already. And then you can question, if this bad thing will happen (not experiencing love, either from people or from enjoying food)….I find the simple thought arises: I need them (people, food, etc), in order to experience love. Is that true? Oh my, what an inquiry. Thank you so much for your note and I’d love to hear what you find. Much love, Grace

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